About Us

1.  Why

Solar Energy Group beliefs that economic growth must happen for Africa and its people to reach their potential of becoming a prosperous and productive continent, to do that we will needs energy, and lots of it.

This energy production does not have to be done to the detriment of nature & communities due to air, water and soil pollution caused by greenhouse gas emitting and water wasting/polluting energy sources.

The only sustainable way to do this is to generate renewable energy to drive economies and combine these with energy efficiency measures to minimize energy use. Distributed energy generation also has the benefit of being less capital intensive allowing customers to produce their power

This focus on clean, locally produced energy will help to drive the trend towards caring for our environment, our people, our communities and our futures. And this is the attitude we will need to grow a prosperous African continent worth living & working in.

Our Mission is to accelerate the conversion to renewable energy as the main source of energy on the continent and planet.


2. How

To achieve this, we work with and employ people, partners and companies that share this vision. That is working hard in their chosen fields to make a difference, to be world class in what they do and is striving to be the best, just as we strive to do the same.

Our people take pride in providing well thought out, affordable, customer informed, engineered solutions to the basic needs of power, water and hot water. Know-how, integrity & Quality workmanship is very important to us and at the core of how we do business. It also helps to know your doing something that is good for the environment and humanity.


3. What

We import, distribute, integrate and provide Engineered Solar Solutions, Components and products that are packaged into turnkey solutions to meet customers’ needs in terms of power, water and hot water.

The selected offerings, products and service have been chosen primarily because these will help us to achieve our vision for the continent.

SEG has 7 teams that specialize in different disciplines and have the experience and capacity to plan, co-ordinate and manage solar projects of any scale.

The company worked on over 300 projects ranging in size and scope from 3kWp basic home systems to multi megawatt solar farms.



Solar is the most abundant, best developed and reliable renewable energy available at the moment. The technology has been tested and proven. The feasibilities have been shown.

SEG has built up the proficiency, supplier relationships and on the ground capacity to deliver solutions.

Residential Solar

SEG provides residential solar from starter system that just run the basics to full off-grid systems that can run a whole house.

The systems types we do include: Grid-tied (self-consumption and net-metering), off-grid and grid-interactive hybrid systems.

These are mostly meant for home owners either in cities (grid-interactive) or on farms/small holdings (off-grid/grid-interactive).

Residential conversion to solar is a relatively easy one if energy efficient appliances, geysers and stoves are used in combination with the solar solution. A mind shift is required as the customer ends up owning and managing their own power plant at home.

A comprehensive energy audit and site assessment is done beforehand to ensure that a client will have a right sized, sustainable solution with a long system life expectancy.

Systems pay themselves off in energy production and energy savings. The average pay-off period is 6 to 10 years compared to a 25 year life of system. These systems starts paying for themselves from day 1.

SEG does turnkey installations that includes: sizing, design, feasibilities, engineering, component supply, electrical reticulation, installations, commissioning, securing, monitoring, maintenance & management. 

Commercial Solar

Commercial solar systems are solar systems used in Corporate & Industrial (C&I) markets on office blocks, shopping centers, factories, mines, commercial farms, hotels, lodges, Security Estates, etc.

The most widely used systems are grid-tied, self-consumption systems due to the energy production curve of the solar plant being comparable to the day usage curve in the average building.

Hybrid systems using a combination of solar, batteries, gen-sets and/or wind turbines are also available. Hybrid systems allow for off-grid micro-grids to be built in remote locations like mining compounds, military bases and isolated communities where grid access is difficult or expensive.

Community solar systems are large scale systems that service whole communities like golf estates, security estates, retirement villages, etc. These can either be installed as one system or dispersed on roof, carports or ground mount installations. The dispersed system works like one big power plant.

Commercial solar systems can be installed on rooftops (single or dispersed), carport, parking garages or ground-mount locations.

A full energy audit and feasibility analysis is conducted by our engineers before the system is installed to optimized the design and minimize installation costs. The grid/ gen-set provides any additional power requirements.

SEG does turnkey installations that includes: design, sizing, engineering, financing arrangements, component supply, electrical reticulation, installations, commissioning, management & Maintenance.

We are a full wrap EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) company. As well as an IPP (Independent Power Producer). 

Utility Scale Solar Farms

Large scale (Megawatt size) solar farms that interconnect with local, micro, municipal &/or the national grids. Such farms can supply power either to one large scale user like factories, industries or mines or multiple small scale users like municipal customers, communities, security estates, office blocks/parks or office parks.

This power can either be used for:

  • Self-consumption: Used on the site where it is produced.
  • Wheeling onto the local grid: Power is injected onto the local municipal grid for example where it is distributed to users on that particular grid. Excess power can be wheeled onto the national grid.
  • Wheeling onto the national grid: This power is either sold to Eskom or other power consumers using the national grid to distribute the power.
  • Banked: Power is generated and wheeled on the grid where it is used by other users. The banked units/credits can then be used at a stage when the solar farm is not producing power.
  • Stored: Grid-scale storage solutions like lithium batteries can be implemented to allow for smoothing out of the delivery curve, transition to backup gen-sets, power storage or peak shaving to reduce maximum demand charges.

We act as project developers, EPC Company (Engineering, Procurement & Construction), IPP (Independent Power Producer), Project Financing originators & General Consultants.

SEG in partnership with Solar Man, Bubo Utilities and SunPower is working on 6 projects throughout South Africa ranging from 1 to 50 MW in size. The farms will connect to local municipal grids and be a second energy supply source. Solar power will be a primary supply with Eskom supplying whatever additional power is required. Implementation will be from the beginning of 2017.



Solar water pumps are provided primarily to farming and residential clients. The main benefit is that these can be run off-grid, without batteries, grid power or generator and can thus be located nearly anywhere.

The pumps run directly from solar panels but AC boxes are available to allow for running it on grid-power or using a gen-set.

If water and power can be supplied with solar, true off-grid living becomes a feasible reality and makes the lives of far flung communities easier and less hardy.

Some of our customers include municipalities and eco estates that are putting in solar pumps to provide water to communities where piping in water through new infrastructure would be prohibitively expensive.

This technology also allows farmers to farm on arid and/or fringe lands more economically. There is a lot of access to land, but without water these lands cannot be used to make a living by both small and large scale farmers. Livestock & game farmers can also now afford to keep game on camp by providing water close to grazing.



Heat collector panels can be retrofitted on existing geysers to minimize replacement cost but still generate hot water for both residential and commercial customers.

Solar tube geysers come in high and low pressure and can either be complete units (with tank, stand & tubes) or retrofit units (with manifold, stand & tubes). High pressure can take up to 6 bar pressure and low pressure up to 1 bar pressure.

Warm water is always available by utilizing a grid, gas or generator backup and a timer or heat sensing unit like a geyser wise or Bosch gas kit.

A typical geyser with a 3kW element can use over 4300 units of electricity (more that R7000) per year. This makes the payback on a system like this as short as 2 to 3 years.

In commercial installations a large volume storage tank is utilized with pumps continually circulating the warm water through the system to ensure that water wastage is minimized by having warm water available the moment the tap is opened. Heat losses are minimized by insulating the tanks and piping as far as possible.

These heat collector panels can also be used to heat pools, spa pools and Jacuzzis.


4. About the website

The Solar Energy Group Retail outlet and Warehouse  are located in Pretoria East , Gauteng , South Africa. Everything sold online is in stock. When the item is out of stock , it will automatically remove itself form the Product Inventory. 

We have clients around South Africa and the rest of Africa. We have installed Solar Systems all over Africa in remote areas. Customers buys and courier the stock where after we allocate an independent Solar Installer that installs products onsite.We have been in the Industry for more than 11 years and carefully select our stock from strategically sourced suppliers around the World. 

All Products we sell meet very strict requirements and we benchmark  and test the products based on their specifications to establish the correctness thereof before selling any product to you, our Valued Customer. The Solar is a Science and requires in depth knowledge of the various products that creates the combined Solution. One of the Solar Energy Group founding members wrote a Book on Solar that explains the complexity of all the various Components.  We come across a number of customers that were sold products that are not compatible or sub standard and it is our profession to compile systems that are of the highest standard that would meet your strict requirements 


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