Batteries stores energy. The type of battery used in a Solar System is critical. There are many batteries on the market from which only a few can be used for Solar purposes. 

The battery bank needs to be design according to the application. Therefore please contact one of our specialists to ensure an optimal design and solutions are implemented.

Optimal design includes the best price for the best operational period. 

12 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries (GEL VRLA , AGM & Lead Acid)

Best suited for residential  and small commercial applications.

Brand Size
Royal (Lead-Acid), C20 105A.h
Trojan (Lead-Acid), C20 150 -205A.h
Schubart (Gel), C10 100A.h - 200A.h
Shoto (Gel), C10 170A.h - 200A.h
Narada (Gel), C10 170A.h - 200A.h

2 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries (GEL ,Tubular, OPzs & Lead Acid)

Best suited for large residential  and  commercial applications.

Brand Size
Raylite(Tubular), C10 150A.h - 3000A.h
Trojan (Lead -Acid), C100 <1235A.h
Hoppeckce (Opzs), C100 <4340A.h
Narada (Gel), C10 200A.h - 1500A.h

48 Volt Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries 

Best suited from residential to utility applications.

Brand Size
Tesla Powerwall 2 14kWh
LG Chem 3.3kWh - 10kWh
Blue Nova(LiFeYPO4) 4kwh - 65kWh



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2017-04-11 11:53:03 Stephen Miles
Looking for pricing and availability of the nerada 12NDT200 battery
2017-08-05 16:00:04 Mark September
Hi, could you please give me the price of the 4kwh blue nova battery (48v)
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