Inverters (Battery & Hybrid)

Inverters (Battery & Hybrid)

Quick Overview 

The term Grid refers to electricity grid that is supplied by Eskom or your Local Municipally. 

Explanation on the 4 different kind of Inverters.

Only the Gried tie Inverter does not provide backup when Power is not available. All the other Inverters act as backup and can be configured in a manner that you are your own Primary Power provider and Eskom (while not needed) can be used to be secondary Power provider as backup. 

  1. Inverter with Build in Charger.(Charge Batteries from external power source ie. Eskom as backup for Solar Panels)
  2. Grid Tie Inverter.(Inverter stores all Power generated from Solar Panels on the Grid with no batteries) 
  3. Off Grid Inverter.(Inverter is totally independent from grid and Converts Power from Batteries for Normal Power use) 
  4. Hybrid Invertor.(Build in charger , able push excess power into gird  while still offering backup from batteries )


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