Utility Scale (1MW+) Solar Farms

Benefits of Utility Scale Solar Power Energy Systems


  • Save money on energy from day 1. Pay off the solar system and get free energy (5 to 10 years).
  • Tax write-off (1 to 3 years) (100% to 50/30/20%)
  • Finance options include: Business loan, Bond extension, lease to own and PPA (Power Purchase Agreements)
  • Carbon tax benefits due to solar power being Non-polluting (air & water), renewable and a quite solution for power generation.
  • These are solar power systems that can be installed at Municipalities, businesses, office block, shopping centres, factories, mines or farms (with or without grid connections)
  • Typically these are Grid-tie or grid-interactive systems. With or without battery backups for load shedding and power outages.
  • Solar Panels are mostly installed on ground mount (open field) fixed or single axis-tracking structures. Battery bank (s) and inverters can be installed in battery rooms
  • Can be an additional source of income for a municipality / property owner / landlord / developer

How do Utility Scale Solar Power Energy Systems

  • Grid-tied solar power system: Solar panels generate energy by exposure to sun light --> This energy gets converted with inverters and transformers from DC to 380 volt / 11 kV / 33kV AC current and supplied into the local electrical network --> Power is used on the local network (self-consumption) and/or supplied to the Eskom national grid (stored/wheeled/banked/net-metering).

What information we require to provide a quotation

  • The best option will be for our solar farm engineering team to do a FREE site assessment. To book a presentation and/or site assesment call Tihan on +27(0)74 5617976 or email:
  • Site info: Location, available roof space/ground space, type of roof, roof facing (North, East & West), space available for MPPT(s), Inverter(s), Battery bank(s), etc.
  • Present energy usage: Total monthly energy use (in Rands and/or kWh/units) (Eskom bills would be handy), peak use (maximum demand), base load use (constant usage), etc.
  • Electrical Reticulation: single phase or 3 phase connection, DC board layout and space, grid connection, type of municipal/Eskom meter installed, etc.

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