Introduction to Solar Power Solutions

Solar power systems use the energy generated by the sun and converts it into energy that can be used in homes, businesses, commerce or industry.

This energy can either be:


Benefits of different systems & types

  • Residential Solar Power Benefits
    • Safe money on electricity bills
    • Become more energy independent, self sufficient and less dependent on Eskom
    • Increases the value of your property
    • Power during load shedding or other power outages
    • Environmentally friendly and earth concious energy generation
  • Commercial Solar Power Benefits
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Return on Investment for the system 
    • Increased Energy independance and self sufficiency
    • Revenue generating asset for property owners (selling pre-paid power to tenants)
    • Environmentally friendly power generation
  • Utility Scale Solar Farms Benefits
    • Reduce the energy supply requirement from Eskom during standard and peak times
    • Purchase energy at a reduced rate on a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) basis
    • No capital expense, the solar farm is paid for and maintained by Solar Energy Group (Project Developer) and investors
    • Job creation and economic value created in the local community
    • Reduction of various charges like maximum demand charge, access charges, fines, etc.
  • Off-grid Solar Power System Benefits
    • No grid connection required, thus saving costs on cabling and power provision
    • No ugly power cables
    • Totally energy self reliant & self-sufficient 
    • Silent and fuelless power generation (no generators)
    • Long term solution (25 year system life)
  • Grid-tied Solar Power Benefits
    • Reduce your energy bills
    • No batteries, just solar panels, inverter and monitoring
    • Self managing system that utalises maximum power from solar but seamlessly uses grid power when required
    • 25 year system life
    • Limited maintenance required
  • Grid Interactive (Hybrid) Solar Power System Benefits
    • Optimal use of solar power and reduction of energy bills
    • Can bank access power in the grid (net-metering or banking)
    • Always have power, even during power outages, by storing energy in batteries 
    • Monitoring of consumption, generation, grid feedback, system status, etc.
    • 25 year system life


More info & packages

Residential Solar Power Commercial Solar Power Utility Scale Solar Farms


Off-grid Solar Power Systems Grid-tied Solar Power Systems  

Grid-interactive (Hybrid)

Solar Power Systems


More info

Off-Grid Solar Systems

  • With these systems you don't need a grid connection
  • The whole system is self sustaining, the PV panels charge up the battery bank that stores the energy
  • The components will include: Solar PV Panels, MPPT Charge Controllers, Batteries and an Inverter(s)
  • Backup would be a larger battery bank, grid connection or gen set
  • This is ideal for off-grid homes, lodges, farms, holiday homes and locations where a grid connection would be expensive/unsightly to install


Grid-Tied Solar Systems

  • A grid-tied system interphases with the grid
  • Power can either be pushed back into the grid (net metering/Small Scale Embedded Generation) or in the case of a self consumption system, the day loads are fed by solar power
  • No batteries required, so inverters switch off when the grid goes off
  • The components will include: Solar PV Panels and an Inverter(s)
  • The grid-tied systems are best for reducing your energy bills in the most cost effective way


Grid-interactive (Hydbrid) Solar Systems

  • A grid-interactive solar system is a combination of an off-grid and a grid-tied solar system
  • A hybrid system can either be set to store power in batteries, service loads or push power back into the grid
  • A backup battery reserve will be available to run loads in case of power outages (even multi-day ones)
  • The components will include: Solar PV Panels, MPPT Charge Controllers, Batteries and an Hybrid Inverter(s)
  • These systems work well in town or on farms or anywhere where sustained power availability is important


Residential Solar Power

  • These are solar power systems installed at private houses both in towns and on farms
  • Off-grid, grid-tie or grid-interactive systems can be installed
  • Usually roof mounted solar panels with battery bank(s) and inverters installed in a garage or battery room


Commercial Solar Power

  • Commercial solar systems are installed at busineses, office blocks, shopping centres, large farms, etc
  • In general grid-tied solar systems are installed in these locations to minimise energy bills
  • A small battery bank can be installed to accomodate power outages or generator startup requirements. 


Utility Scale (1MW+) Solar Farms

  • Utility scale solar systems push power back onto the local grid, municipal grid or National grid (Eskom grid)
  • The generated power is first used on the local grid, the rest of the power is wheeled to other users on the national grid.



Solar is the most abundant, best developed and reliable renewable energy available at the moment. The technology has been tested and proven. The feasibilities have been shown.

SEG has built up the proficiency, supplier relationships and on the ground capacity to deliver solutions.

We provide a number of Solar Energy solutions suited to your specific needs and requirements. We use our years of experience to recommend the best system type for you, but will also give you options so you can choose the one that suits your preferances best.
SEG does turn-key systems. Starting from site assesment, design, finance, product supply and installations. 

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