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Solar is the most abundant, best developed and reliable renewable energy available at the moment. The technology has been tested and proven. The feasibilities have been shown. SEG has built up the proficiency, supplier relationships and on the ground capacity to deliver solutions. Background - Residential Solar Power Solutions SEG provides residential solar from starter system that just run the basics to full off-grid systems that can run a whole house. The systems types we do

Background - Residential Solar Power Solutions SEG provides residential solar from starter system that just run the basics to full off-grid systems that can run a whole house. The systems types we do include: Grid-tied (self-consumption and net-metering), off-grid and grid-interactive hybrid systems. These are mostly meant for home owners either in cities (grid-interactive) or on farms/small holdings (off-grid/grid-interactive). Residential conversion to solar is a relatively eas

Background - Commercial Solar Power Solutions Commercial solar systems are solar systems used in Corporate & Industrial (C&I) markets on office blocks, shopping centers, factories, mines, commercial farms, hotels, lodges, Security Estates, etc. The most widely used systems are grid-tied, self-consumption systems due to the energy production curve of the solar plant being comparable to the day usage curve in the average building. Hybrid systems using a combination of solar, batte

Background - Utility Scale Solar Power Solutions Large scale (Megawatt size) solar farms that interconnect with local, micro, municipal &/or the national grids. Such farms can supply power either to one large scale user like factories, industries or mines or multiple small scale users like municipal customers, communities, security estates, office blocks/parks or office parks. This power can either be used for: Self-consumption: Used on the site where it is produced. Wheeling o

Off-Grid Solar Systems Off-Grid Solar Systems With these systems you don't need a grid connection The whole system is self sustaining, the PV panels charge up the battery bank that stores the energy The componentswillinclude: Solar PV Panels, MPPT Charge Controllers, Batteries andan Inverter(s) Backup would be a larger battery bank, grid connection or gen set This is ideal for off-grid homes, lodges, farms, holiday homes and locations where a grid c

Grid-Tied Solar System A grid-tied system interphases with the grid Power can either be pushed back into the grid (net metering/Small Scale Embedded Generation) or in the case of a self consumption system, the day loads are fed by solar power No batteries required, so inverters switch off when the grid goes off The componentswillinclude: Solar PV Panels, Inverter(s) and monitoring equipment The grid-tied systems are best for reducing your energy bills in the most cost e

Grid-interactive (Hybrid) Solar Systems Self-consumption or grid independence The primary goal of a self-consumption system is to optimise the use of solar and/or wind power. The major obstacle in such a system is that power generation times do not match with the actual times of power use. This results in a system being forced to import energy from the grid and export it when there is a surplus. In an optimised self-consumption system, surplus energy is stored loca

WATER PUMPS (SOLAR) SOLAR WATER PUMPING Solar water pumps are provided primarily to farming and residential clients. The main benefit is that these can be run off-grid, without batteries, grid power or generator and can thus be located nearly anywhere. The pumps run directly from solar panels but AC boxes are available to allow for running it on grid-power or using a gen-set. If water and power can be supplied with solar, true off-grid living becomes a feasible real

HOT WATER SOLUTIONS Electric geysers are the biggest contributor to your electricity bill. As much as 39% of your energy costs goes to Water heating. Solar Geysers harvest direct sun light and are very effective even in cloudy weather conditions. Some geysers have the option for a backup element that are rarely used for backup purposes. Automated solution can be provided to ensure hot water at ALL required times. We provide three different solutions when it comes to Hot Water S

The leading solar power brands that we import and distribute as authorised dealers include(Click for more info): Solar Panels JA Solar PV Panels Enersol Solar PV Panel SunPower Solar PV Panels GCL Solar PV Panels Solar World Solar Panels Sanyo Solar Panels Charge Controllers &MPPT's(Maximum Point Power Trackers)

COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIALHOT WATER SOLUTIONS (C&I HWS) Division and Philosophy The C&I Hot Water Solutions division has been set up to develop, design, install and distribute high-quality, highly efficient hot water storage vessel or heat accumulators for the Southern African market. Innovative cutting edge technology, superior quality and dedicated staff have made SEG the perfect partner in providing the right solution in storing energy. By combining our expertise an

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