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Solar batteries or energy storage solutions allow you to use the power generated by your solar power system (when the sun is shining) during the night time or in over cast weather. These batteries are a special class of batteries that have been specifically designed for use in a solar system. Solar batteries are typically deep cycle, slow charge and slow discharge batteries with the ability to give instantaneous power when heavy loads are drawn from them.

Running a hybrid or off-grid solar power system would be nearly impossible without solar batteries to store energy for use during these times. A solar battery acts as a storage facility for all of the excess energy that is generated during daylight/solar generation hours. This energy is then used when there is no sun to generate power. This further means that your solar system can still be independent of the main power grid after dark. At Solar Energy Group we stock a wide variety of quality, well known, solar batteries in order to provide our customers with the best solar batteries on the market. In addition to this commitment to quality, we also take into consideration that different batteries are suited to different purposes and ensure that by stocking a wide variety of solar batteries we have the right product for the right application.

We also do an engineerined design based on your load profile, draw rates, charge rates and discharge profile thus ensuring that you use the right size, right technology and best option for your specific requirements.


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