We supply and install turnkey hot water solutions that includes:

  • Supply of all equipment
  • Installation of the whole system to be fully compliant
  • Solar heat collector panels (retrofitted on existing geysers or new installs)
  • Solar tube geysers
  • Heat pumps
  • Low pressure storage tanks



  • Home owners that need efficient hot water solutions for their home
  • Individuals that want to save money on their electricity bills by using the sun to provide their hot water
  • People that want a water system that pays for itself in 2/3 years through savings vs paying electricity forever
  • Clients that want to get off the grid completely and save on their solar power system by reducing their loads
  • Off-grid/eco developments that prefer eco-friendly hot water solutions
  • Customers in rural villages that have no access to electricity but need hot water
  • Farmers that want to provide their workers with hot water



  • We have offices in Tshwane (Pretoria), Johannesburg, Tzaneen and Mkhondo (Piet Retief)
  • With an installers and agents network across Southern Africa
  • We can do work across the African continent (project management team with local labor)



  • The client contacts us
  • We gather all the information required and do a site assessment (if needed)
  • A proposal is done and presented to the client
  • The client accepts our quotation
  • An implementation team is assigned 
  • The project is planned and completed
  • The client &/or engineer signs off
  • Operations and maintenance is done (if needed)



Contact our residential hot water supply specialists to have your questions answered and receive a free quotation:

Tel: +27(0)12 807 1023




Electric geysers are the biggest contributor to your electricity bill. As much as 39% of your energy costs goes to Water heating. Solar Geysers harvest direct sun light and are very effective even in cloudy weather conditions. Some geysers have the option for a backup element that are rarely used for backup purposes. Automated solution can be provided to ensure hot water at ALL required times. 

We provide three different solutions when it comes to Hot Water Solutions .

1. Retrofit Flat Plate Geyser Collector 

2. Complete Solar Tube Geyser 

3. Gas Geysers

REtrofit heat collector panels

Most economical for applications where an geyser is already been implemented. As this solution uses the exciting geyser and pumps the water through a flat plate geyser collector. The collector heats 100-200liters of water between 50-80ºC in standard conditions. The element within the exciting geyser is only used in times where tzhe sun power where insufficient to ensure hot water is always available. 

Max Operating pressure : 6 Bar

The element can be controlled with a controller that indicates the current temperature, time and if the element is being used. The controller can manually be override from the controller that can be situated at a position that is most comfortable for the user. 

The timer function can be used to automate the sensing of the water temperature and set to times where hot water is required and thus ensure optimal use.  


Complete Solar Tube Geyser 

High Pressure Solution - Best suited for residential and applications with high water pressure.

                                            Water is heated in-directly with copper bar within the tubes.

                                            Available in 150 liters and 200 liters solutions.

                                            Back up element is not provided standard with this solution and will have to be purchased separately as well as geyser controller. 

Low Pressure Solution - Best suited for farms and rural areas with low water pressure.

                                                Water is heated directly witin the tubes.

                                                Available in 100 liters and 150 liters solutions.

                                                Auxiliary tank are required to ensure pressure is being regulated.

                                                Back up element is not provided standard with this solution and will have to be purchased separately as well as geyser controller. 

Gas Geysers

Hydro Ignition Gas Geysers - Best suited when municipal water is supplied.

                                                          Available in 11 liters,14 liters and 18 liters.

                                                          No Battery that needs to be replaced.

                                                         Can be incorporated with a solar solution wit a solar kit.( Please contact specialist for more information)


Battery Ignition Gas Geyser - Best suited for farms and tank supplied water applications. 

                                                          Available in 11 liters,14 liters and 18 liters.

                                                           Battery that needs to be replaced after 1 to 2 years usage.

                                                           Can be incorporated with a solar solution wit a solar kit.( Please contact specialist for more information)


High pressure solar tube geysers are mostly installed at residences where the water pressure is relatively high. They are very effective at converting solar heat into hot water.  These evacuated tube type geysers are primarily used in urba

Solar heat collector panels are used to convert your existing geyser to a solar geyser thus saving costs. These solar collector panels retrofit onto your existing geyser, allowing for the re-use of the geyser. The panel fits flat on your roof a
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