We supply and install turnkey commercial hot water solutions that includes:

  • Supply of all equipment
  • Installation of the whole system to be fully compliant
  • Low pressure heating tanks with a combination of heat pumps, heat recovery, heat collector panels and/or
  • Large scale solar heat collector panels (flat plates) fitted onto boilers or heating tanks
  • Large scale solar tube water heating systems
  • Commercial heat pumps



  • Commercial & Industrial clients that need efficient hot water solutions for their operations and workers
  • Businesses that want to save money on their electricity bills by using the sun to provide their hot water
  • Companies that want a water system that pays for itself in 2/3 years through savings vs paying electricity forever
  • Lodges and hotels that need to reliably and cost effectively supply hot water to their guests
  • Off-grid/eco developments that prefer eco-friendly hot water solutions
  • Customers in rural villages that have no access to electricity but need hot water
  • Farmers that want to provide their workers with hot water



  • We have offices in Tshwane (Pretoria), Johannesburg, Tzaneen and Mkhondo (Piet Retief)
  • With an installers and agents network across Southern Africa
  • We can do work across the African continent (project management team with local labor)



  • The client contacts us
  • We gather all the information required and do a site assessment (if needed)
  • A proposal is done and presented to the client
  • The client accepts our quotation
  • An implementation team is assigned 
  • The project is planned and completed
  • The client &/or engineer signs off
  • Operations and maintenance is done (if needed)



Contact our Commercial Hot Water specialists to have your questions answered and receive a free quotation:

+27(0)12 807-1023

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Division and Philosophy

The C&I Hot Water Solutions division has been set up to develop, design, install and distribute high-quality, highly efficient hot water storage vessel or heat accumulators for the Southern African market.

Innovative cutting edge technology, superior quality and dedicated staff have made SEG the perfect partner in providing the right solution in storing energy.

By combining our expertise and strength with that of our partners in South Africa, Germany and the Far East, we are able to supply new and exciting products for the Southern African market. A continuous process of research and development provides the right solution for hot water generation, cold water storage, water management and storage.



SEG is a specialist in supplying products related to the conservation of our environment. Through a dedicated team of specialists, we are able to provide the right solution for the right application.



Solar Energy Group is changing the way the world uses our natural resources. Our goal is to make energy and water management as integral as accounting to the operation of every organization. We help commercial, institutional and industrial organizations use their resources more intelligently, pay less for it, and generate cash flow that benefits the bottom line through our complete suite of technology-enabled energy management solutions.


The Team

Highly qualified:

  • Plumbers
  • Engineers
  • Air-con technicians and 
  • Heat pump technicians that oversees assembly and installation of all our turnkey projects.


Products & Services

  • Hot water & Heating Sets

  • Collectors

  • Solar Tanks

  • Heat Accumulators

  • Heat Recovery from Chillers

  • Heat Pumps

  • Solar Water Heating

  • Solar Components

  • SLA Agreements on operation and maintenance

  • Remote monitoring of installations

  • Prepaid water meters (hot and cold water)



Solar Energy Group, together with our respective partners have introduced:

  • Heat Accumulator Technology to the Hot Water Market, by separating potable water from any heating water
  • Heat Recovery from HVAC Systems to heat up potable water
  • Energy Saving Heat Pumps and Solar Water Heating
  • Building Energy Management Systems
  • Remote monitoring and control systems


Distribution & Installation

All over Sub-Sahara Africa


Major Projects Completed 2013 to 2016

  • Various Flat and Office Buildings in or around Gauteng, South Africa
  • ABSA Towers North Hot Water System (15,000lt Heat Accumulator)
  • Air Chefs Hot Water System (3 x 10,000lt Heat Accumulator)
  • Netcare N17 Hot Water System (10,000lt Heat Accumulator)
  • Netcare Pinehaven, Pretoria East, Margate, Polokwane, Blauwberg
  • Anglo Platinum (17 x 10000l tanks)
  • South Point Student Accommodation
  • Monash University (12x 2500L tanks)
  • UJ campus residence (3 x 10 000L tanks)


Here are some of the recent installations:






Kavalier abattoir – Cullinan, supplying 50 000l of hot water


Sibanye Gold mine, 8000L tank with two 45kWatt heat pumps




Stonewood residential – supplying 12 flats from 1 x 2500L with 2 x 10Kwatt heat pumps


2500L and 2 x 10Kwatt heat pumps



Hot water consumption is measured by Wi-Fi smart meters and each owner or tenant is billed individually.


Commercial hot water solution with 3 x 20000L and 6 x 100kW heat pumps


Our technology:

  • All our tanks are hand build
  • Up to 2500L sizes are fully assembled at out factory
  • All tanks ranging from 3000L up to 25 000L are assembled on site as below images show
  • We can only need access through a single standard door to bring in our units and component parts










How does it work?

  • The heat accumulator tank has a zero pressure rating,
  • Which means that the fiberglass tank is in essence a pot of water that is being energized up to 60 degrees by means of the heat pump.
  • The fresh water which is fed into the heat exchange coil is under municipal pressure,
  • As the cold municipal water coils up inside the tank, it absorbs the latent heat from the water in the tank,
  • By the time it reached the top, it has reached 60+ degrees Celsius.
  • Our tanks are perfectly insulated, and has therefore a zero standing heat loss. By doing this, we increase the energy efficiency by at least a further 10%.
  • A combination of solar heat collector panels, heat pumps and heat recovery is used which has an energy saving of more than 60%, and with our tank combination, we have reached savings as high as 70%.


Off-site monitoring:

We created an off-site monitoring system, that allows us to view the entire plant operation, and this gives us early warning system in case something goes wrong. We installed the system at Airchefs in Kempton Park, and we can have a technician on site, even before the client realizes they have a hot water problem.

For any further enquiries, contact Tihan Kuypers below

Tihan Kuypers

074 561 7976

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