Solar Energy Group beliefs that economic growth must happen for Africa and its people to reach their potential of becoming a prosperous and productive
continent, to do that we will needs energy, and lots of it.
This energy production does not have to be done to the detriment of nature & communities due to air, water and soil pollution caused by greenhouse gas
emitting and water wasting/polluting energy sources.
The only sustainable way to do this is to generate renewable energy to drive economies and combine these with energy efficiency measures to minimize
energy use. Distributed energy generation also has the benefit of being less capital intensive allowing customers to produce their power
This focus on clean, locally produced energy will help to drive the trend towards caring for our environment, our people, our communities and our futures.
And this is the attitude we will need to grow a prosperous African continent worth living & working in.
Our Mission is to accelerate the conversion to renewable energy as the main source of energy on the continent and planet.
To achieve this, we work with and employ people, partners and companies that share this vision. That is working hard in their chosen fields to make a
difference, to be world class in what they do and is striving to be the best, just as we strive to do the same.

Our people take pride in providing well thought out, affordable, customer informed, engineered solutions to the basic needs of power, water and hot water.

Know-how, integrity & Quality workmanship is very important to us and at the core of how we do business. It also helps to know your 'e doing something that is good for the environment and humanity!

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